Started your training yet?

Once again, the Scott has teamed with Today’s Plan to get your ready, and with just over four months to go, you can wait to the last minute and pick up a 6 week training plan for as little as $29.95 or get a head start on your mates and pick up a 16 week training plan for as little as $79.95.

If you’d like to use Today’s Plan to create your training program for the Scott, follow this link:
If you don’t already have Today’s Plan account, this link will take you through the sign up process, then to the Scott event in their Training System. You can also create a plan and trial it for 14 days, so can decide if it is for you

Lost Property

Did you get home to discover something you took to the Scott was nowhere to be found?

If you did, we have loaded images of the gear that was handed in or collected as we packed up to

If your stuff is there please email us at Canberra people can organise collection and those outside Canberra can organise for it to be posted back for the price of the stamps.

Current Rider List

Latest list of riders is available online.  No further online entries are available, however any time rego is open you can enter on the day.  There is no guarantee that 24hr solo riders will receive a second plate, we only have a limited number of spares for those soloists who suddenly wake up Saturday morning and want to race 24hrs

New Volunteers Form

Hi All,

After the recent frustrations for some with submitting their volunteers registration we have started from scratch with a new form that should be mobile device friendly.

Check out the new form at and let us know via if it doesn’t work.

We’re happy to announce that the crew from Ultimate Bike Rack are on-board for the Scott and have flicked us a couple of their fantastic bike racks as prizes.

Ash is also offering $50 off the retail price for a standard rack for all Scott Entrants, with an additional 10% taken off and free delivery (Canberra) for any CORC members. To get this Scott24 price, you need to contact Ash directly at or on 0423 946 685.


The Merch

Thanks to the crew at Swell Design we have a fantastic T-Short and water bottle design that recognises the history of Mt Stromlo and its link to astronomy, tempered by Canberra recently taking out the Stargazing World Record.

Each rider will receive a T-Shirt and water bottle with their entry, solo riders receive two water bottles and a Sun-Moon-Sun beanie.

CORC Scott 24Hr 2015_Bottles CORC Scott 24Hr 2015_Shirt


We’re happy to say that NiteLights will be back at the Scott in 2015. They’ve thrown us some great kit that will go into the mix for the prizes throughout the race and have joined with Short Circuit Cancer to get the Kids 24 Minute Race sorted.


Scott FM is back for another year!

Don’t forget your FM radio this year. Commentary, interviews and music will all be broadcast for the entire race. AB and Rob who provided music and mirth overnight in 2014 are back to do the commentary for the whole 24 hours. As always there will be giveaways aplenty, competitions and those urgent calls for riders who have rolled into transition at 2am and are waiting transition with no one to handover to. Follow us on Twitter @MTBRadio995

DJ Rob and DJ AB - Scott24hr 2013